while tidying (i.e. procrastinating about some other work) I discovered a load of files taken from some long-defunct Scottish music magzines. I decided to upload them and hang the consequences. BFM, in case you've forgotten, was a bi-weekly Scottish music tabloid, from around 2001 (?)
In no particular order, then...

BFM news
BFM T in the Park
BFM heroes (ballboy and The Wave Room)

Go! night (a showcase gig for another defunct music rag)

the Glasgow Underground (Daily Record, er, mid-2002...)

Planet Pop preview for The List
some reviews, mainly from The List.
and some more random record reviews. Who knows where they appeared?


Unimpressed? Have a go yourself...

There's also a stupidly large archive of stuff which I've done for Beat106 in the past - basicaly 'scripts' for the 'Web of the Week' and 'Beatscene Legends' features. I'm putting these online as time allows. (I'd love to be able to store the mp3s here so you could hear my duncet tones, but there are rather a lot of them...)