'We Believe in Planet Pop' - since 1996, the motto of acts such as Belle and Sebastian, Idlewild, and Teenage Fanclub, as Edinburgh's longest-standing music festival - still staunchly independent in the face of competition from corporately-sponsored rock, and still providing an alternative to high-brow theatre, low-rent comedy, and blokes painted silver pretending to be robots.
This year's programme commences on August 4th at La Belle Angele with bis, The Silver Pill, Huckleberry, When Pilots Eject (formerly Annie Christian) and Torqamada. In accordance with the show's title, bands will perform a cover version of a song by a previously-performing act. Their choice offers quality and quantity - apart from those mentioned above, alumni also include the Fall, Pavement (via Steven Malkmus) and Mogwai.
If you like your music with more of a dancey edge then on the 7th it's Ugly Duckling - acclaimed hiphoppers who hint at the pop style of De La Soul. Support is from Belfast collective Olympic Lifts - a flurry of ill-fitting suits and cantankerous rhythms, they're a must-see live act. And on the 8th, Babacool construct dance beats with an epic feel, while Terrapins Found Us, despite the name, make quite serious melodic rock.
For the next 4 weeks, prepare to worship at the altar of Planet Pop.