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Nov 99 - TV appearance (!) on BBC Choice (Digital). Live set recorded at G2 for the Beat Room. Tuesday 23rd and Thursday 25th November, 11.30pm.

13/10 - FREE live set (6 songs) at G2 Glasgow as a recording for TV show on BBC Digital.

23/9 - Gig with Moniack and Badgewearer, at the 13th Note on Thursday 23rd September - 9pm, usual drill.

14/7 - This Thursday (19th August), hear Macrocosmica on the Session in Scotland - 8pm, Radio One. Sorry, you'll have to be in Scotland to pick this up. Tapes will NOT be distributed.

2/7: bit of a flurry of activity with gigs announced as follows:

Macrocosmica + Eska + Aerogramme
421 Sauchiehall Street
16th July 1999
from 9pm

Macrocosmica + Pilotcan + Ligament
The Attic

17th July 1999
from 8.30pm

Macrocosmica + Pilotcan + Ligament
13th Note Club
260 Clyde Street
18th July 1999
from 8.30pm

Macrocosmica BBC Radio Scotland session
Bentinck Street
broadcast slot TBC

Macrocosmica PDSA Benefit
13th Note Cafe
50-60 King Street
23rd July 1999
from 9pm

8/5: gig at the Cas Rock, Edinburgh, with Coney Island Cyclone and Houdini, on Saturday 19th June (£4.00, 9pm)

10/5: 27th May, live at King Tut's (as part of BBC Music Live)

15/4: back to the capital again, supporting Fugazi at the Liquid Room.

7/4: And it's a gig frenzy as the band announce a couple of Scottish dates - on the 16th at Edinburgh's Cas Rock, and then in Glasgow on the 25th at King Tut's.

6/4: The band venture to the Big Smoke, announcing a gig at The Red Eye Music Venue April 29th 1999. (details: 105 Copenhagen Street, Islington, London N1 0SB. Tel. 0171 837 1514, tickets £5/£4)

1/4: The never-ending touring must be taking its toll, as Macrocosmica celebrate the rising of Jesus from the dead (hmm, very metal)at the13th Note in Glasgow on Sunday 4th April. The previous night the guys in the band busy themselves further as Liminal also play the 13th Note, supported by Cylinder.

14/1: Macrocosmica have another Glasgow gig, this time at King Tut's on the 21st January. Tickets are £3.50 in advance/£4 door, and they are supported by The Third Way and Empire Builder.

According to the band, the purpose is to plot the changing positions of planets, comets, and the moon. New celestial objects are discovered, such as nebulae and variable stars. In an exhibition such as this, one can follow, and admire, this evolution.

You'll need to talk to the band about an explanation for that one.

5/1: aa, the debut album by Liminal, will be released on GodBless Records on the 25th January. This is a collaboration between Brendan O'Hare and 3 other musicians,one of whom is based in Australia and sends his pieces for the record via the internet. In keeping with this technological theme, the album is electronic in nature, though rumours of a Bentley Rhythm Ace-style work should be ignored.

9/12: Late news - Macrocosmica will be playing at the 13th Note Club in Glasgow, on Sunday 13th December.

3/11: Well, bummer. Black Sun Machine were pulled from the Faust bill at the last moment since the German experimentalists has rather too much equipment with them to allow for a support band. Still, da Sun Machine press on, and their 'Hole in the Head' album should be out on God Bless by the end of the year.

30/9: It's been quiet (too damn quiet) but the band are back with a small flurry of activity - they do a gig at Maryhill's Shakespeare Sreet Youth Club on Friday 23rd October with El Hombre Trajeado.

Also, on the 28th October, Black Sun Machine (which is Russell's side project) will support Faust at the 13th Note. The set is based around 10 years of texts and tour diaries and is backed up by a score provided by Cerwyss and Brendan.

21/7: gig news - with AC Acoustics at the 10 Day Weekend gig at Nice'n'Sleazy's on Friday 24th July, 8.30.

Also, supporting Idlewild at the Cas Rock on August 27th.

8/7: Further to the news below, Gavin Laird (guitar, vocals) has parted company with the band to work on other projects. Fiend, which is Gavin and Brendan, is unaffected. As a three-piece, Macrocosmica have already played the Cas Rock, Edinburgh and The Garage, London with God Bless labelmates PH FAMILY.

27/6: Macrcosmica, contrary to rumours, have NOT split! In fact, they have a gig at the Cas Rock in Edinburgh on the 27th June. They were forced to cancel a couple of gigs in London and Leicester, which may have prompted these stories...


A new CD single "Space Geek" will be released in May 98, to be backed with "Ra Unmoved", "Weird Sex Dream #2", and "Lone Cop".

Russell's other band CYLINDER release a 7" single "The Point of Sleat" on Friday 27th March, available through Vesuvius records.

The band will be recording on the 10th and 11th March in Ca Va studios with Tony Doogan (who did Ad Astra). Nothing specific is planned but it's possible that a single may come out of the sessions.

The debut mini-album 'Ad Astra' was released in November on 'God Bless', distributed by Cargo. It should be available in any decent record shop, but failing that can be ordered from Cargo: The Studio, Bective Road, London SW15 7QA. Also, John Smiths do a mail order service. John Smith & Son, 252 Byres Road, Glasgow G12

It costs £9.99, but for the USA £15 will be necessary to cover P&P. Cheques or traveller's cheques need to be in pounds sterling. Any querues, email

Read a of the album


Macrocosmica play Glasgow's Ten Day Weekend with AC ACOUSTICS at Nice'N'Sleazy on Friday 24th July 98.

Live at the 13th Note (King Street, Glasgow) on Sunday 8th March - Marcocosmica plus PH Family as part of their new club night (called the Mullet Club and free if you sport a mullet hairdo apparently).

Read a of this gig (with pictures!)

London, The Garage, on 11th February, supported by Fiend (their label mate), which is basically Brendan's alter-ego, together with some or all of a few other musicians including Gavin macrocosmica, Kenny from Eska, Rachel Devine (ex-Telstar Ponies) and Dave Tough (All Too Human and loads of other punk bands).

Fiend's third album, Fiend 3 (!) follows their previous 2 offerings from last year, and is out now, also on God Bless.

Just announced: Edinburgh on Saturday 24th January at the Cas Rock with Moniack and The Thanes.


Recorded a Peel Session in December, due for broadcast in February.



Russell McEwan (drums)

Brendan O'Hare (guitar, vocals)

Cerwyss Ower (bass, vocals)



Rusty's Arms (25 secs, 100K .AIF)

Space Geek (30 secs, 110K, .AIF)



macrocosmica: c/o Left & Right Video Productions, 130 Toryglen Street, Glasgow G5 OHB, (0141) 420 3518,

Or, contact GodBless - both the band's management and record label can be reached here.