This site started off because I had a load of interviews & reviews done for magazines and fanzines that I, perhaps mistakenly, thought that the world would like to share.

Clearly times have moved on, but I'll leave the info below as a guide to some of the archive material. These days my time is spent on the other websites and projects mentioned on the main page.

At vacant itself there's a news section firstly, just updating what's happening on the site.

Also, you'll find the bands homepages for Macrocosmica and Quicksand.

There are load of interviews with the likes of John Peel, Steve Albini, Long Fin Killie ands Shiva Speedway.

The ubiquitous links are here too...

records are a load of old reviews, plus a few new ones

live is a load of live reviews, with photos. Exciting, eh?

And radio is playlists for the various programmes at SubCity radio... plus, just the one link to Brainwash which has a Scottish indie RealAudio show

The America's Most Vaunted bit is from a series of features and interviews on US indie record labels, which eventually evolved into a radio show on SubCity in Glasgow.

Similarly, but different, jockrock is a whole site in itself and the most active of all the pages here. It contains just about everything you could wish to know about the Scottish indie/alternative music scene, with a pretty comrehensive band listing, gig guide, up-to-date record reviews with sound samples (try before you buy!), there's even a regular quiz and a messageboard.

People sometimes ask why we called it jockrock, or why it has that horrible tartan. Our answer is that it's all just a bit of fun. The name jockrock, well, I'm not exactly sure where it came from, but nw I think back I think that it might have (again, just for a bit of fun) been coined by Herald journo David Belcher. So all credit to him, unless it wasn't, in which case, our apologies. (The tartan kind of follows naturally!)