It has been widely reported that 13th Note Ltd, the company that has run both 13th Note venues went into provisional liquidation at the behest of HM Customs and Excise on Tuesday 20th November. Both units have remained open in the interim and will do so for the immediate future, but their future remains in grave jeopardy. There is no certainty or, indeed, likelihood that the 13th Note will continue to trade as it has in the past. The liquidator, KPMG, will be looking to sell on the leases on the two premises to raise money in the near future.
It is highly unlikely that any new owners would be interested in preserving the core values of the 13th Note, which through a combination of commitment to live music and a promotion of vegan eating and other causes, have made it utterly unique in the Scottish pub context. (There is far more background to the all of the current situation in a document which can be downloaded at www.13thnote.com/13helplaunch.PDF) - using Adobe Acrobat. The only way of being able to preserve this is for the director (Craig Tannock) and staff/ friends etc. to attempt to regain control of the existing business by either buying it back from the liquidators, or should that fail, attempting to re-establish the business elsewhere.


Since the 13th Note went into liquidation, everyone has been encouraged by the number of offers to help from both individuals and some of the bigger suppliers and organisations involved with the business. This, couple with individual support, may help the 13th Note survive in some form. Help 13 is a fund that I have set up to raise money to assist Craig and the 13th Note in its current situation. It will be run by a trust that will include an accountant, an academic, a journalist, a radio producer and representatives of bands and event organisers as well as former employees of 13th Note Ltd. The aim of the fund is NOT to help clear existing debts or liabilities of 13th Note Ltd – but to help towards re-establishing a new business for the future.
It’s aims are to (1) help in cases of individual need caused by the liquidation of 13th Note Ltd – using a maximum of 25% of funds raised and (2) to be in a position to make a transfer of funds to any new business that arises on its formation and completion of a business plan. Larger investors would be given a chance to either become share-holders in a new business or be repaid their money after period of trading. Full details are available for download at www.13thnote.com/aims.PDF

Here are some suggested ways of helping:
A GRAND PLAN: a number of people have offered to donate, loan or invest £1000 to the fund in return for a small stakeholding in any new company. If you are in the fortunate position of being able to do this, please consider it.
However, no amount at this point is too small, and if you don’t have any money to donate, please consider any of the following options:
· organising an event or gig that will raise funds for help13.
· Donating time to help in other ways – admin work, flyering, helping with the organising or promotion of events.
· Donating skills: if you would be able to contribute anything (web skills particularly) that would help raise the awareness of help13, please get in touch.
· Telling other people: if you know anyone else who you think might be interested in contributing, please forward this e-mail to them.
· Keeping in touch: you may not be in a position to, nor want to, help in any of the ways listed above but still care about the future of the 13th Note. If so, feel free to get in touch. People who have received this e-mail will get future updates as well.
If you want to get in touch – please do so. There is an e-mail address: help13@btinternet.com or you can e-mail me at johncwilliamson@btinternet.com

The "Help 13" account is held at Lloyds TSB Bank, 52-60 St.Vincent Street, Glasgow G2 5TS. The account number is 0076021 and the sort code 30-25-83.
Cheques can be made payable to "help 13". While a PO Box number is being set up, please e-mail if you wish to contribute and we will forward further information.
And Lastly. . .
Remember that there are a whole host of excellent gigs still taking place at the 13th Note. Support them if you can! This week includes Pleasure Forever and Senator (Wednesday 12th at the club), Lali Puna and bis (Thursday 13th at the club), New End Original and One Man and His Droid (Friday 14th at the club). Also on Friday, at the café, is the enticising line up of Beachwood Sparks, Neal Casal and Vera Cruise.
On behalf of the staff and former staff of the 13th Note, thanks again for your support.

John Williamson

Further reading:

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