12/1: Eska have changed the title of their album (was going to be "Back to Back Victories" - shame, I liked that). New title undecided as of yet. Other, firmer news: Speeder from Glasgow will have a single"Hey what Do I know" on a Ltd Ed 7" plus their Album "KARMAKIDS" on God Bless in March. An unreleased Walkingseeds album from 92 is on the way plus HOPEFULLY Rachel Devine from Telstar Ponies new project Rainspies will have a release in the summer...

5/1/99:Forthcoming releases.. Tibitinas' album 'Electrified' is next in line, Noir 016CD. describned by people in the know as "Danish Jazz Triphopwith Billie Holliday-esque vocals - Northern European Atomospheric Non Rock....whatever."

20/12/98: some firmer dates for the next 2 GodBless releases - the reissue of the Walking Seeds' "Skullfuck" will be released on January 24th 1999, while the Liminal AA album will appear on the day after, the 25th.

3/11/98: Forthcoming on GodBless -

Captain Nemo's "This is Nemocore' (no. 2 in the Canal St series)

Eska - Back to Back Victories (Mogwai contemporaries' first release)

Don Fleming - American Rock Dude (rarieties and classics)

Walking Seeds Skullfuck (from 1987, probably the world's first grunge album)!)

The Clydesmen - Muddy Water - (Glasgow legends rediscovered)

Liminal AA - (electronic future rock - watch this space)

Black Sun Machine - Russell McEwan (macrocosmica) offshoot/side project

2/11/98: The latest release fromGod Bless is the long forgotten album by the Velvet Monkeys. See the band pages for more details on their turbulent history, and the records page for more info (sleeve etc).

9/9/98: less than 2 weeks until September 21st sees the release of Caledonian Mystic, part 3 of the Fiend trilogy. The track listing will be:
Evermore / Kurz / Until Three Parallels are Understood / Pharos Light / Red Pigment Tattoo / Forgotten Sea / Alliance / Continuum.
The bulk of this material is from the Telstar Ponies period, with 3 tracks actually post Mogwai - so from the Macrocosmica period and just about 'current'. See if you can tell which ones when it finally hits the streets...