Many years ago, we used to host websites for Macrocosmica and Quicksand (that's the Glasgow Macrocosmica, and the Edinburgh Quicksand). The 'cosmica are now big enough to have their own site, while Quicksand are long-since defunct.


However, Macrocosmica's old files are still here, a snapshot of the band from last century...


There were also, once on a time, pages for God Bless Records and Left Hand Recordings. In fact, they're still here,. Kind of.

And a site for the now-defunct Glasgow act Pariah

And there was once upon a time, a site for Spare Snare.

And there was a club night forthe defunct Glasgow music/listings mag Go! which we put on club nights for, which we called Up-Starts

There's even a site, which was online for a matter of days, for Help13, which was a campaign to get the 13th Note up-and-running again. Still got the code for that!

And a fair old while ago, we used to maintain the Chemikal Underground website. It wasn't hosted here and was massive, full of video and whatnot. But here's the CU main page from a year or so ago.

And, finally, around 5 years ago when webspace was expensive, a lot of the stuff was hived out to a geocities site. This layaround there for ages, until Yahoo came along and wiped the lot . A couple salvaged at Scottish Underground Music Archive (SUMA).