SubCity playlist for America's Most Vaunted - 17 Feb 1997
Artist  Track  from lp/cd  Label/date
AC Acoustics  Love Lies Broken Pieces  Cinqos Anos! Trance 1994
 Drain  Crawfish Pickup Heaven Trance 92
 Rachels  All is calm The Sea and the Bells 1/4 Stick
 Cat Power  Nude as the News  cd single Matador
Anodyne  Kiss of Fire  7"  Summershine 96
Blond Redhead  Symphony of Treble  7"  Touch & Go 97
Softies  Excellent  Winter Pageant  K 97
Latimer  Used Cars  7" World Dom 97
Fridge Lo-Gen 7" World Dom 97
Red Red Meat  A Star Over the Manger Tonight  (title track)  Sub Pop 97
Mudhoney  Touch Me I'm Sick  Hype!  Sub Pop 96
Iggy Pop Lust For Life TV Eye
RCA 77


Hula Hoop  20th Black Hole The Loveliest Ring of Saturn  Silver Girl
Retreiver  Pen Pal  3 Second Stereo 10"  Silver Girl
11th Dream Day  Insomnia  Eighth  City Slang 97
Jane Bond and the Undercover Men  Confidential Story  Politically Correct  Dreamworld 86
 Cindy Dall  Holland  Untitled  Domino 96
 Big Flame  Sargasso  Rigour  Drag City 94
 Captain Beefheart  Ice Cream for Crow  Ice Cream for Crow  Virgin 82
 Pizzicato 5  Airplane 96  Sister Freedom Tapes  Matador
 Pizzicato 5  Domino  Sister Freedom Tapes  Matador