Artist Track Source label
Done Lying Down Choose John Austin Rutelidge
Spare Snare Monoman internet  
Bedhead Haywire HowFunLifeWas Trance
Pizzicato 5 Ice Cream Melting Yellow  Sister Freedom Tapes Matador
Sugarplant Licorice 7" World Domination
BeltBuckle Judas Suicide 7" Sonic Bubblegum
Karate Trophy cd Southern
Lois My Souvenir Snapshot Radio K
Spare Snare Clutch Me Now Mon Amour Silver Girl
Pavement Date With Aikea Brighten the Corners Domino/Matador
Mark Ibold  interview  DAT  
 Pavement Shady Lane Brighten the Corners Domino/Matador
Shiva Speedway A Train 7" Harriet
Windsor for the Derby Slow Death cd ep Trance
Husker Du New Day Rising New Day Rising Blast First?
Built to Spill Out of Site Perfect From Now On City Slang
Babes in Toyland Bruise Violet Painkillers Southern
Lizard Music Theme from the Egrees cd single World Domination
Crabs Sad Song Brainwashed K
TransAm Ballbados   Thrill Jockey
Lee Harvey Oswald Band Easy Amplification Blastronaut Touch and Go
Guided By Voices The Game of Pricks Alien Lanes Matador
Sonic Youth 100% Dirty  
Nirvana About a Girl Bleach Subpop