Ý"Wired For Sound"


ÝOn the 26th November 1997, Spare Snare came into the Subcity Radio studios to appear on the jockrock show. They played 3 songs live and acoustic. As you will see 2 of these are on the Animals and Me album, while the third remains unreleased (and untitled).

Download these tracks and listen to then - you'll need the RealAudio Player. They're 28K mono which means the quality's not too bad, but they're only 300K or so in size.


I'll Get By (336K)

If I Had a Hi-Fi (336K)

Untitled (256K)

These are encoded using RealAudio, meaning that you click on the track you want and download it to your hard disk. Then simply open the file up in RealAudio Player (see below for how to obtain it) and you're in with the in-crowd. Dual-platform too, meaning we have more room for other stuff.


Other Spare Snare sounds can be found on the web - check our links page