"What's Going On"



10th August: Following a long hiatus, more news, and it's good, the compilation album to be released on Che records should be with us in the autumn (though if you're in Scotland, make that 'winter'. Either way, September or thereabouts).

It'll be entitled "Loved Your Earlier Stuff" and contains just about every single the band have released, up to the Rebound single.

Speaking of Rebound, the guys at that fine label have invited the band to play a festival in the Netherlands in the late summer (winter for the Scots among you).

Finally, the new album is written and now it's down to getting it 'tweaked' - which will be done again by Paul Savage in Chem19.


16th March 1997: Several items of news - first, the band have a new guitarist. Young Ross, as he will forever be known in the hearts of Snare fans, left, amicably, to be replaced by another Ross (age not specified) . This Ross was with sometime Chute artistes Stoor originally, and will get his live baptism of fire at the 13th Note on the 25th March.

In other news: the new album is around half-recorded, and will be polished up and finished off towards the summer, probably at Chem19 with Paul Savage, following the success of the "Animals and Me" session there last year.

Finally, for now, a 'new' single is available - "Bruising You" has finally appeared on Third Gear Records of America, and features on the B-side "What You've Done", writen by a certain Mr. Burnett Senior. There are also copies available in the UK - try your local friendly record store (if you live in Glasgow) or get it mail order from Chute - see our order page.