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the Spare Snare story... so far...


Spare Snare really started out in Dundee in 1992 as Jan Burnett's solo project - among the first recordings on his 4-track were As A Matter of Fact / Super Slinky, which eventually appeared as 100 copies on Chute Records, founded by Jan for the occasion.

One copy found its way into the hands of John Kass at Prospective Records and the Snare fond themselves with a US deal. Jan then formed the band, roping in Barry, Alan and Paul, so they could tour the USA, although with the release of Thorns the band also gained fans in the UK at the same time.

The band completed the US tour which included an appearance at the CMJ New Music Seminar in New York, and they returned to the UK. A Peel session was recorded at the start of 1995, and shortly aferwards they became the first band to sign for Deceptive Music. This enabled them to record and release Live at Home on Chute (entitled Spare Snare in the US, again on Prospective/TRG).

After this point things get more complicated with an enormous amount of tracks appearing on compilations or as one-off split singles. You'd better see the releases page for more on that. The album Westfield Lane was released in the USA on Wabana Records, this was back to being a solo project, and the band fell quiet for a while. Paul left the band as he moved to London, reducing them to a 3-piece. They worked on some new material, with more sporadic releases on various labels, before releasing the third album Animals and Me on Chute in September 1998. The album was ignored by the mainstream UK music press yet received rave reviews from the likes of The Times and The List.