(rogue's) gallery

  Russell: Has worked with Test Department, currently drums also for Cylinder. Long and ongoing involvement in performance art - with partner Louise Brown as 'Left and Right' and with Ron Athey Co. Is in business with Louise as 'Left and Right Video Productions', making all kinds of vids (including the one for the last Arab Strap single 'Here We Go'). His body is a temple.    


Gav: Played bass in Telstar Ponies, plays bass/guitar in Fiend. Founding Macrocosmican, with a deep love of all things metal. Reluctant but well-beloved barman by day. Left in 1999 to form Lone Cop.    
    Cerwyss: musical history - 'classically trained' in Dundee . Tutor and researcher in Historical English at Glasgow Uni, also freelance lexicographer. Square? Apparently, but does abuse her body on a regular basis, and intend to claim her namesake from Catatonia in a well-publicised 'Battle of the Ceryses' in which she would drink her Welsh namesake under the table (which Brendan plans to be under).
    Brendan: Drummer/vocalist in Teenage Fanclub, then in Telstar Ponies. 'Musician without portfolio' in Mogwai. Main protagonist of Fiend. Social whirlwind by night and day. His body is a temple of Satan.