Spare Snare/Delgados/Tunic live

Tunic start brightly with 'Barbara' but we quickly discover two sides to them. One where they are VERY lke Pavement, though there is one difference; the drummer is probably the only one who's not insane. They have another side where they sound like themselves, which is more satisfying.

Amongst all the lo-finess, the Delgados are like ELP compared to their friends tonight. As you know, their day job is basically running Chemikal Underground records, and with the success of bis they are in danger of being overshadowed. This would be a shame as while they don't have the instant 3 minute pop songs of bis theyu have something as good, with more depth and variation. Lasarwalker is the best Scottish (if not British) single of the last year and some of their new stuff sounds like it could be up there with it.

Spare Snare, perhaps due to their, traditionaly, um, shambling stage show, take a new approach by heckling the audience. Well, getting the brunt of this banter are the members of the Delgados (rechristened Del Amitri) foolish enough to join the crowd. More no-fi that lo-fi, Spare Snare are Dansettes in a world of CD and DAT, but their refusal to worry about nicities such as playing in time, tuning up etc, only emphasise the perfect pop of tunes like Bugs and Scrabble. A few more of these and stardom awaits. If they can be bothered.