Pupkin/Pariah/Pentothal, 13th Note Cafe, 17th January
While 'P' usually stands for 'post-rock' if you're talking Glasgow bands, happily there's more happening in the city. Yet 3 bands starting with 'P' - what do they stand for? Well, Pentothal are a band who have evolved from making angular and complex sounds, to more traditional songwriting - and with their music brains what we get is a well-crafted considered collection of tunes - at times fractured and tense, then suddenly a melee of swirling guitars and vocal invective.
Pariah are perhaps the most likely of the 3 acts on show to get lumped with that postrock tag in that they recently produced only instrumentals - not so much in the vein of Mogwai (a lazy comparison) but more of US soundscapers Scenic. A surprise tonight for the cynics then - yes, they still have an epic echoing sound more suited to a (sonic) cathedral than the Note's basement, but, yes, there's vocals too - a fragile falsetto, reverberating like some ungodly choir. The sound makes you think briefly of Mercury Rev or the Flaming Lips, then you realise that there's so much more to it.
Headlining are Pupkin and while the first 2 bands on the bill have definite indie credentials, Pupkin have what it tales to crossover into that twilight world where Feeder, My Vitriol and Coldplay somehow sell original material to The Kids. All you need is a tune or 2 and Pupkin have plenty of those - the opening blast of "Shell", the closing rush that is "Blowout" and frankly anything inbetween, would grace the Evening Session or indeed daytime radio. P for Potential? Could be.