Owen McAulay, Cholo & Juxtaposition
13th Note Cafe, 19th October


Tonight's gig starts with the hushed tones of Smackvan stalwart Owen McAuley. Bandless and armed only with a guitar and a microphone, he takes on the 13th Note in a low-key but intense fashion. A simple but effective balance of nice fretwork and introspective lyrics provides a surprisingly hypnotic end result.

Cholo couldn't have provided a greater contrast if they tried. In fact, scratch that one; they did try. Possibly a little too hard. They arrive on stage whooping, shouting and even blowing the classic rave whistle. Did nobody tell them this is the 13th Note? Their techno-punk overkill is marred somewhat by problems with the sound, but the mix of grinding guitars and pulsating samples still manages to get a few bodies moving.

Juxtaposition aren't exempt from the proverbial technical difficulties either but they cope admirably. Hang onto your pic-a-nic baskets because this lot are smarter than the average indie band. The set starts instrumentally, riding a wave of huge riffs but then pans out into a Barret-esque psychedelia that is as pleasing as it is surprising, culminating with the feast of sound that is Take A Holiday. This is Juxtaposition's first visit to Glasgow, but hopefully not their last.

John Clarke