Idlewild, 13th Note Club
It's unusual to see one of Scotland's most famous rock venues opening its doors to under 18's, but since tonight's gig is for charity, and Idlewild are Doing it For The Kids - via the Children In Care Fund - it's perhaps only right that said youngsters should get their first taste of the live experience, if not of draught cider.
So it's no surprise that opener 'Little Discourage' is met with whoops that wouldn't be out of place at a Steps concert. Except we are indeed talking serious tunesmithery here and 'Roseability' and 'When I Argue I See Shapes' stand up just as well without the traditional Idlewild bluster, with the harmonies between the 2 Rods being particularly fine.
With the band stripped down to a semi-acoustic 4-piece (drummer Colin is apparently on a ski-ing holiday) the songs are similarly laid bare. So it's selections from the more recent end of their catalogue with the chart-friendly '100 Broken Windows' supplying much of tonight's set. The band are up for some fun though it's not entirely clear why they decide to rope in Michael from Peeps Into Fairyland for a John Denver cover mid-set, but they're soon back on track, previewing a new song (probably) entitled 'Weak Spot'.
With an at times frantic audience an encore is a foregone conclusion, and the choice of cover this time - The Cure's 'Boys Don't Cry' is a more respectable one. But then it's back to basics with an unplugged 'Bronze Medal' showing the maturity of songwriting present in the band.
Yup, they grow up fast these days.