Gold Blade

Saw this double-bill at the Cathouse last night, with one of the oddest/smallest crowds ever, as the 10 Day weekend means there are several other competing gigs in town. In fact, the number of celebrities outnumbered the regular public - a veritable night of a thousand stars as Steve Pastel, Gerry Love of TFC, Eugene Kelly out of Eugenius and his brother, a couple of guys from a band who I couldn't remember who suported the Delgados and Versus last year. Oh, and me and a couple of other people who weren't on the guest list either.

Versus were great and I'd recommend them if they come on tour your way. Boy/girl harmonies and catchy tunes certainly, but they've been doing this for years, and their new stuff seems to be better than before.

Gold Blade rock, as I believe the saying goes, and despite the sparse crowd they gave a high-energy, if short performance - they are a regular guitar/drums 5-piece apart from their additional drummer-vocalist providing extra rhythm and soul. I don't know how long they can keep this up for, or if this kind of thing will catch on, but they're better than Rocket From the Crypt (I use this comparison because of their gold lame shirts) and 'Soul Power' is already a classic.

I met the band briefly afterwards (hard not to really given the numbers there) and they are all really nice blokes to boot, so this is clearly another reason for making them rich and famous.