Bloco Vomit - Wed 12 th June, Tap o' Laurieston
So Scotland have just lost their first game in their ill-fated World Cup campaign, and somehow we're surrounded by a bunch of Brazilian football fans, while a band of cross-dressing accountants serenades us. Now, the latter I could take, but under the circumstances..., Bloco Vomit have been getting something of a reputation, for, put simply, doing punk rock cover versions in a samba style. Oh, the cross-dressing bit is true but incidental to the plot, and I'm sre it's only for how onstageit's the music that counts after all. The Brazilians are there to hear the rhythms of their homeland... and punk rock is actuallly very popular in Brazil. So when the likes of Crass's "Do They Owe Us a Living" is slowed down, then speeded up, no-one minds, the incessant beat of the samba drums dictating the pace of the pogoing punks and a dozen Renaldos.

 And when "Police and thieves" is given another treatment at this punky reggae party it somehow works when it should really not stand a chance due to the bizarre nature of its transformation. And other tracks which are perhaps less remarkable, "Pretty Vacant" for example being a straight excuse for a pogo, the only differencebeing that there are 12 Steve Jonses all fighting over the snare drum. Eventually things draw to a close, the music and the Brazilian cocktails having helped the locals forget their worries, while the visiting South Americans it's like they'd never left Rio.