The Magnificents

Live @ planetpop, The Attic, 18th August


The Magnificents created a tremendous racket: dark, groovy music, with pretty basic, animal-like vocals. A few members of the band 'sing', but the main guitarist sounds particularly like Ian Curtis, a comparison they might either be flattered or bored by, but I doubt they could deny it. Other bands they remind me of are Kraftwerk, the Stooges and Loop; chaotically combining various elements of fury, synths and guitar drones. Thankfully they like to attack the mixer on stage - turning everything up full blast and STILL one of them goes mental, bellowing for more sound, screaming that it be 'made fucking louder'. It's like he's trying to pick a fight with the soundman, he obviously loves getting wound up onstage and gives off a brilliant presence. There appears to be a little bit of friction in the band, and as well as shouting at the soundguy they also seem to take pleasure in annoying each other, creating noises where the other is not expecting it - gleefully grinning when they see the frustration they've caused. The frenzied 'louder, louder' member of the band doesn't seem to take very kindly to this at all (much to the amusement of the audience) and even begins to come across as a bit psychotic. Miles better than seeing people staring at their feet, anyway.

Review: Kathleen Sharp