September 2005


Say Jansfield - The Lioness (Creeping Bent)
Beta Band - Dry The Rain (Regal)
Thee More Shallows - The Freshman Thesis (Monotreme)
William Campbell / Kevin MacNeil - Local Man Ruins Everything (Fantastic Plastic)
Mew - Special (EMI)
Things In Herds - Everything Has To Change (Fence)
Mistys Big Adventure - There’s A Lot Going On (SL)
Robocop Krauss - You Don’t HAve To Shout (Mute)
Arab Strap -There Is No Ending (Chemikal Underground)
TextAdventure - I Aim To Cause Offence (Skylab Operations)
Cayto - Dorothy (Rictus)
Zuba - Allez! Allez ()
Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Rough Trade)
Telemachus - In The Court of Sleep-in ()
Signal Generator - Radix Lexi (Occasional)
Stereolab - Kybernetika (Duophonic)
The BeatTrap - A Love Dynamic (New!)
King Creosote - Jump at the cats (679)
Clor - Good Stuff (Regal)
Snowblood - Aurbe (Superfire)

Arab Strap - Speed Date (Chemikal Underground)
Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Rough Trade)
Envelopes - Sister in Love
Blacknoisewhitesoul - Dirty (Udiscs)
Robocop Krauss - You Don’t Have To Shout (Mute)
Emer - Speed of Dark (Gargleblast)
Ironweed - Down To My Grave (Fat Northener)
Music and Movement - Caravan (New Town)
Editors - Bullets
Multiplies - Walk To Yourself (Hatch)
Stereolab - Kybernetica (TooPure)
Vector Lovers - City Lights from a Train (Soma)
Young Gods - Secret (GPIAS)
Space Siren - Verschwende Die Jugend (Transformed Dreams)
Mew - Special ()
The Zephyrs - Hell’s Dark Hall (Acaruela)
Masque - Frankendoctor (Topplers)
Whipping Boy - We Don’t Need Nobody Else ()
Ambulance - Wichi-tai-to (Sea)
Telemachus - Sunny Day (Lilo-fi)
Misty’s Big Adventure - the Black Hole (SL)
Beta Band - Dry The Rain (Regal)