September 2003

Black Soul Water - dark is the mirrow
Ives - Gekko
The Liberty Parade - Darkness Forever
t.rauschmiere - lie on back
Boxstep - Fortune Cookies
Fiel Garvie - b-rock
Arab Strap - Shy Retirer
Laibach - Du Bins Unser
Aphrodisiacs - the Tomorrow People
the Zephyrs - One Year Many Mistakes
Fallon - Dream Me Out
The Great Depression - Sargosso Sea
fao jesus - Can It Be Said
Giardini di Miro - Given Ground
Frogpocket -Underwood Ladykirk
Robert Wyatt - Just a Bit
Mountaineers - Ripen

The Zephyrs
Laibach - Di Bist Unser
Thee Moths - A Small Glass Ghost part 3
Ives - (live in Botswana)
Movietone - Wilderness Theme
The Childrens Hour - SOS JFK
t.raumschmiere - # Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Strom
Lumen - Harbour Lights
Client - Civilian
David Byrne - Sex on the Docks
The Pastels - I Picked a Flower
Giardini di Miro - Swimming Season
The Electroluvs - Back on the Small Screen
Fiel Garvie - Got a Reason
Cindytalk - Guts of London
Nectarine No. 9 / DJ Twitch - Carniverous Flower
Black Sun - Revenge Hater
Northern Alliance - Buildings of the Future
Kobra - In Opposition
Sigmatropic / Robert Wyatt - Introduction

Mountaineers -Ripen
Popcorn Fiend - No Martha, Not The Gun!
Hoboken - Hotel Lisboa
Plastikman - Disconnect
Belles in Monica - Smoke Filled Rooms
Lumen - Harbour Lights
Robocop Krauss - Fashion
Cindytalk -It’s /Luxury
Giardini di Miro - Given Ground
Satellite Dub - No Questions
Laibach - Achtung
Fiel Garvie - Here You Go
Kobra Audio Labs - Break Glass in Emergency
Ian Simpson - Snowfall
BlackSoul Water - You Take the Time Away
Lucky Pierre- Sometimes I Feel Lkke a Motherless Child
Bumblebeez - Get Dressed

Yo La Tengo - Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House
Ives - Magnetic
Fiel Garvie - When You Come Round Again?
t.rauschmiere - Monster Truck
Boxstep - Western Exit
Sat Dub - Break Glass in Emergency
Movietone - Darkness - Blue Glow
Arab Strap- Why Can’t This Be love
Robocop Krauss - Fashion
Thee Moths - A Small Glass Ghost part 3
Swell - Soon Enough
Swell - Next to Nothing
Belles in Monica - That All You Got?
Pastels - Wilderness Theme
Isobel Campbell -Why Does My Head Hurt So?
Atomic Soul Experiences - Run Through The Night
Da Capo - Nature Boy
Calamateur - Son of Everyone
u.n.p.o.c - Amsterdam
Owen McAulay - My Star

Belle and Sebastian - Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Ives - Gekko
Hoboken - Hotel Lisboa
Satellite Dub - Already Forgotten Your Face
Stigmatropic /Pinkie Maclure - Water Warm
David Byrne - Sex on the Docks
Plastikman - Disconnect
Duckworth/Lewis - Beth Yw’r Cam Nesaf?
Calmateur - Son of Everyone
Quasi - Hot Shit
Four Tet - As Serious As Your Life
Swell - In The Morning
Nectarine No. 9 / Bill Wells / Norman Blake - societyisacarniverousflower
Robert Wyatt - Trickle Down
Laibach - Now You Will Pay
Fallon - Upset
Snow Patrol - How To Be Dead
David Jack - Everybody’s Somebody