October 2005

Ambulance - Wichi-tai-to (Sea)
Things In Herds - Everything Has To Change (Fence)
Robocop Krauss - You Don’t Have To Shout (Mute)
Simon Heartfield - Fredicksburg (Hackpen)
Arab Strap - Dream Sequence (Chemikal Undergrond)
Simon Heartfield - Thurmond (Hackpen)
Music and Movement - Cosmonaut (New Town)
King Biscuit Time - C I AM 15 (regal)
Vector Lovers - Melodies and memory (Soma)
Young Gods - Hello Hello (PIAS)
Beta Band - Assesment (live) (Regal)
Blackwhitenoisewhitesoul - Sometimes With The Pet Shop Boys (Udiscs)
Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Rough Trade)
Drive-by Argument - Lower your Pieces ()
Minotaur Shock - Muesli (Warp)
Flying Matchstick Men - If You Want ()
Monochrome Set - Strange Boutique (Dindisc)
Signal Generator - Memory Helmet (Occasional)
Stereolab - Plastic Mile (Duophonic)
Cayto - Stupendium (Rictus)
Sans Trauma - Stare At the Floor (is this music?)

Mew - Apocalypso (SonyBMG)
Magnetophone - Let’s Start Something New (4AD)
Arab Strap- Dream Sequence (Chemilkal Underground)
Say Jansfield - the Lioness (Creeping Bent)
The Village Orchestra - COSHH (Highpoint Lowlife)
Young Gods - L’Eau Rouge (PIAS)
Jens Leklkman - At the Dept of Forgotten Songs (Secretly Canadian)
Anna kashfi - Exit Wound (Stolenwine)
Mistys big Adventure - Everything’s Odd (SL)
Robocop Krauss - You Don’t Have To Shout (Mute)
Magnetophone- Kel’s Vintage Thought (4AD)
Film School - On & On (Beggars)
Alabama 3 - Gospel Train ()
Zuba - t1 ()
Mushi Mushi - Chicken (Distraction)
Magnetophone feat. King Creosote - A Sad Ha Ha (4AD)
Vectore Lovers - Capsule For One (Soma)
Emer - Speed of Dark (Gargelblast)
King Biscuit Time - C I AM 15 ()
Blakwhitenoisewhitesoul - Dirty Darkness (Udiscs)
Beta Band - Dry The Rain (live) (Regal)

King Biscuit Time - C I AM 15 (No Style)
Viva Vice - Alive With Pleasure (Full Time Hobby)
My Legendary Girlfriend - Dishonesty (Press Hat & Ciogar)
King Creosote - 6 Ups and Over (Chaffinch)
TV21 - On The Run (Demon)
The Village Orchestra - Jacob / Bad Hand at Cards v2 (Highpointlowlife)
The Ronbokop Krauss - After Laughter Dies (Epitath)
Magnetophone - Kodaik (4AD)
Music and Movement Body Bags (New Town)
65 Days of Static - Drove Through Ghosts to Get There (Monotreme)
Alabama 3 - Gospel Train ()
Anna Kashfi - Exit Would (Stolenwine)
Arab Strap - There Is No Ending (Chemikal Underground)
Vector Lovers - Arrival, Metropolis (Soma)
Stroszek - No More Exclusives (demo)
Simon Heartield - Turn The House Lights On (Hackpen)
Jebs lekman - Jen’s Lekman’s Farewell to Rocky Dennis (Secretly Canadianm)
Thee More Shallows - Freshman Thesis (Monotreme)
Magnetophone - Benny’s Insobriety (4AD)

Hoboken - Beauty Queen (Royal Jelly)
Blakwhitenoisewhitesoul - Sometimes With The Pet Shop Boys (Udiscs)
Bearsuit - Hey Charlie Hey Chuck (Fantastic Plastic)
Robokop Krauss - You Don’t Have to Shout (Mute)
Matt Pond PA - KC (B-unique)
65 Days of Static - (Monotreme)
Tortoise / Bonnie Brince Billy - Cravo E Canela (Domino)
Persil - Agony Aunt (Transformed Dreams)
DriveBy Argument - Sexlines Are Expensive Comedy (One)
Viva Voce - Wrecking Ball (Full Time Hobby)
Magnetophone - I’ve Been looking Around Me (4AD)
Sister Vanilla / Stephen Pastel - The Two of Us (Soup)
Electrelane - I Want to Be The President (4AD)
Chris TT - A Plague on Both Your Houses (Snowstorm)
Salon Boris - IAm The Drug (Udiscs)
Magnola Electric Company - Hard to Love a Man (Secretly Canadian)
Shooting at Unarmed Men - Talking Care of Business (Too Pure)
Viola - Sad Eyed Disco Dancers (Mate)
Fuck off Machete - If Gold Was Silver (Highpoint Low Life)
Space Siren - Verschwende Deine Jugend (Transformed Dreams)
Young Gods - Toi Du Monde (PIAS)