November 2004

Aphrodisiacs - This is a Campaign
Calamateur - White Light Unknown
ProForma - Human Error
Motormark - Hold Your Tongue
Blues Explosion - Hot Gossip
Sizer Barker - Day By Day
Pulsar - Dance Disco Robot
Hood - The Lost You
UNKLE feat Ian Brown - Reign
ballboy - There May Be Mountains Between Us
Salon Boris - Freak Show
Remnants of Alex - Seratonin
Virgin Prunes - Pagan Love Song
theonewhoflew - Socaledo
Bozilla - Back Row
Serf - Lucy K
Reograd - Jacob’s Ladder
Amplifico - Real Low
Dirty Vegas - Walk Into the Sun
Swimmer One - We Just Make Music For Ourselves

Sizer Barker - Day By Day
Salon Boris - Freak Show
Client - Radio
Twisterbait - Get On Our Bus
Flying Matchstick Men - All Yr Secrets
Tim Wright / Vector Lovers - Oxygen
Serf - Five Rounds
Hood - The Lost You
Binary Zero - Pyramids Fall From the Bottom
International Pop Assassins - My Plan To Be a Genius
Blue Explosion - Fed Up and Lowdown
Politik - Maquette
Client - It’s Rock And Roll
Q Without U - You Say Pop (Like It’s a Dirty Word)
Croft No. 5 - Elephant
The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime in Carkenwell
NIck Cave - Breathless
Remnants of Alex - Bloodletting
The Killers - Indie Rock’n’Roll
Client - In It for The Money
Schneider TM vs Lambchop - New Cobweb Summer

Hood - The Lost You
Schneider TM - Psychedelic Queen
Dedalus - Almost Parallel
Blacknoisewhitesoul - Pop Genius (Song For Brian Wilson)
Serf - Lucy K
The Residents - Red Rider
Blues Explosion feat. Chuck D - Hot Gossip
Thee Moths - Universe Prayer
Acrnym - I Just Called To Say I Like You
The Residents - Amber
Nick Cave - There She Goes
Luna - Cindy Tastes of Barbeque
The Residents - Loss of Innocence
Manitoba - Crayon
Sleepyhead - Spiders and Flys
ProForma - Sexual Design
The Residents - Phantom
Remnants of Alex - Bloodletting
Binary Zero - The Filthy
M83 - A Guitar And A Heart
The Residents - Moisture
Motormark - God Only Knows
Ostle Bay - Out Of Those Eyes
The Residents - When We Were Young
Satellite Dub - Power Off Einstein

Bozilla - The Box That Got Away
Nick Cave - Breathless
Hi Lonesome Electric - Hoola
Salon Boris - Freak Show
Dedalus - Seconds
Rebelski - AlkaSeltzer
Blues Explosion - Help these Blues
Smalltown Boredom - Cold Harbour Shores
Hood - The Lost You
Errors - HEBS
Blues Explosion - Spoil
Severin - Converts
ProForma - Sexual Design
InchBlue - Dead Leaf Waiting To Fall
The Red Well - Make Your Way Inside
Blues Explosion - Rattling
Blues Explosion - Hot Gossip
The Frankie Machine - Re-Unmelt My Heart
Patrick Porter - I Win
M83 - Safe
Blues Explosion - Rocket USA
Murcof - Memoria

Clinic - Circle of Fifths
The Magic Circles - Meet Me In Milan
65 Days of Static - Retreat! Retreat!
Radio Dept - Ewan
Synonym - Under (Disintegrating)
Inchblue - Walking Backwards
Hors La Loi - Television Blind
Oceanfloor - Spill
Electroluvs - Back on the Small Screen
Schneider TM/Lambchop - New Cobweb Summer
Serf - Five Rounds
Kama Ania - Theme of Raft
Bozilla - Fingernail
m83 - Safe
Flying Maychsticks - All Yr Secrets
Say Jansfield - Mind of a Guitar
Campeg Velocet - Who are the Trumping Men?
Ordinaryson - War Here
Sound Development Agency - Good Time Veggie Burger
Engineers - If I Were A Carpenter
Bitmap - Someone To Call My Own
Blues Explosion - Hot Gossip