May 2005

Blues Xplosion - Mars Arizona (Mute)
Minotaur Shock - This Side of Vigo Bay (4AD)
Stereolab - Floroescences (TooPure)
Scaramanga 6 - Horrible Face (Wrath)
Mellow Submachine - Closed Over (GDANSK)
Teenage Fanclub - Fallen Leaves (PEMA)
Mylo - Destroy Rock’n’Roll (Breastfed)
Tantrum - uwork (Floppy)
Dr Syntax’n’BC Turbo vs Rivethead - Army of Me (One Little Indian)
Persil - Mellow (Transformed Dreams)
Hookers Green No.1 - There Is An Equilibrium (Snowstorm)
Datapanik - Cubis ()
David Jack - A Grim Welcoming Party (KFM)
British Sea Power - Please Stand Up (Rough Trade)
Alabama 3 - Train To Nashville (One Little Indian)
Salon Boris - Bride of Boris (Udiscs)
Boris Yeltsin Love X1 - Shadowplay (Half Loaf)
Malcolm Middleton - Break My Heart (Chemikal Underground)
Nasty P - l.i.f.e (KFM)
Four Tet - Sun, Drums & Soil (Warp)

10/5 - repeat of 3/5

Hookers Green No 1 - Love Ballad of the Cold Robot (Snowstorm)
Salon Boris - Bride of Boris (Udiscs)
Frog Pocket - Jupiter Lady Mountain Village (Benbecula)
Alto45 - Fell Down Stairs (Happy Capitalist)
Christian Vogel - Typewriter of the Dead (Novamute)
Scout Niblet - POmpoms (TooPure)
Luxury Car - Heart of the Matter (Biphonic)
Why? - 500 Fingernails (Anticon)
David Jack - Oil on Sunday Morning (KFM)
Four Tet - HighFives (Domino)
Radio 4 - Dance to the Undergound (EMI)
Sunnyvale Noise Subelement - Techno Self-harm (Field)
Fiel Garvie - Suicide Singalong (NRone)
Envelopes - Glue ()
50 Hertz - Army of Me (One LIttle Indian)
Boris Yeltsin Love X1 - Mental (Half Loaf)
Angil - Begnnning Of The Fall (Megaphone)
Steeple Remove - And La Solitude Des Grands Rayons Lumineux (Vital Sassoon)
Reograd - We Are Electronic (demo)
Tantrum - White (Floppy)

Salon Boris - Freak Show (Udiscs)
Stereolab - Wow and Flutter (Too Pure)
Minotaur Shock - Maritime (4AD)
Roger - Kiss In The Darkness (Mate)
Githead - Alpha (Swim)
DJ Fila Flip - Affinity (demo)
Steven Malkmus - Pencil Rot (Domino)
Pro Forma - Lapses In Diction (New!)
Picastro - Sharks (Monotreme)
The Chalets - Feed The Machine (Setanta)
James Yorkston - Song To the Siren (Domino)
Reograd - We Are Electronic (itm? CD)
Orange Juice - Tender Object (Domino)
Smashing Orange - Ony Complete In You (Elephant Stone)
Four Tet - Sun, Drums & Soil (Warp)
Sons and Daughters - Dance Me In (Domino)
Earl - What Are You Waiting For (Fat Northener)
Nudge - Classic Mode (Kranky)
Christ - Marsh of Epidemics (Benbecula)