May 2004

Beta Band - Assessment (Regal)
The Kitchen - Notch (Mr Biji)
Pomegranate -Candy Bliss (Integral)
The Aphrodisiacs - The Hour Is Late But Please Consider (demo)
Schneider TM - Feint remix (Homesleep)
Animation - Home (Sinking Ship)
Loner - Road Song (Just)
Ordinaryson - Without You (Traveled)
Julie’s Haircut - Fear Don’t Live Here Anymore (Homesleep)
Squander Pilots - Photogenic (Neptune)
Hoboken - Crazy Glue (Royal Jelly)
Spare Snare - The Game (Chute)
Violet Indiana - Beyond the Fur (Bella Union)
Nectarine No.9 - The unFunkadelic (Creeping Bent)
Dilated Peoples - Marathon (Capitol)
Homescience - Chemical Hearts (Track & Field)
Adem - Statues (Domino)
n.ln - Spokewards (highpoint lowlife)

13th - repeat of 6/3/04

Dirty Hospital - This is Radio Hospital (Rottenrow)
Spare Snare - The Game (Chute)
Miss Kittin - Professional Distortion (Novamute)
Julie’s Haircut - Marmalade (Homesleep)
Tacoma Radar - Past Worn Out (Andmoresound)
Mouse Eat Mouse - Mouse Eat Mouse World (VivaGenius)
Beta Band - Outside (Regal)
Squander Pilots - Mustard (Neptune)
Dilated Peoples - Neighborhood Watch (Capitol)
The Kitchen - Notch (Mr Biji)
Pomegranate - Half Life (Integral)
Schneider TM - pulseprogramming (Homesleep)
Violet Indiana - Quelque Jour (Bella Union)
DJ Fila Flip - The Crow Train (demo)
The Honeymoon - Passive Aggressive (RCA)
Nectarine No.9 - The End of Definition (Creeping Bent)
Unkle Bob - Hold It Down, Boy (Friendly Sounds)
The Aphrodisiacs - Ghost in a Shell (demo)
Beta Band - Liquid Bird (Regal)

Beta Band - Wonderful (Regal)
Zero 7 - Somersault ()
Multiplies - Egonomics (Mr Biji)
Violet Indiana - Russian Doll (Bella Union)
mum - NIghtly Cares (FatCat)
TransAm - Outmoder (Thrill Jockey)
Dilated Peoples - This Way ()
To Rococo Rot - Dhalene ()
James Yorkston - (Fence)
Wire - Kidney Bingos (Mute)
Miss Kittin - single Distortion()
Dirty Hospital - Harlem Heat (Rottenrow)
Adventures In stereo - (Marina)
Fallon - Eros (demo)
Nectarine No.9 - ilovetotaldestruction (Creeping Bent)
Loner - Rene’s Song (?)
Pomegranate - Half Life (Integral)
Liars - Fins to make Us More Fish-like (Mute)
Schneider TM - The Faint (earsugar)
Tacoma Radar - Pilot House (Andmoresound)
Throbbing Gristle - Hot Heels Reunited (Mute)