March 2005

Moby vs Mylo - Lift Me Up
The Delgados - Girls of Valour
fao jesus - Split Me In Two
Engineers - Home
The Decider! - Galaxy Express
Cornershop - Top Knot
Roy Moller - Misspent Youth
Mellow Submachine - Days
The Pictish Trail - A Night
Feld - Puffin
Monade - Modern Touches
Desc - A Few Steps More
Littl Shyning Man - Thee Heart Shapeth into A Fist
Elements of the 70s - untitled
King Creosote - Saffy Nool
Masque - Frankendoctor
The Ocean Floor - Relevant Form
Synonym - Sexual Peeling
Calamateur - Upper
Magoo - Robot Twin
Her Space Holiday - Something To Do With My Hands (Arab Strap remix)
Efterklang - Swarming

Magoo - Robot (MayGoZero)
Calamateur - What Is Love (Autoclave)
Luxury Car - the Heart of the Matter (Biphonic)
Prhizzm - Minutae 2 (Benbecula)
Moby - Temptation (Mute)
Auterche - Iera (Warp)
Data Panik - Cubis ()
fao jesus - faster (fao)
Snow Patrol String Quartet - Spitting Games (Vitamin)
Lucky Luke- Bury My Heart at Devil Village (Invada)
Synonym - Peepshow (7DD)
Northern Alliance - Tomb of the Eagles (Fencezine #2)
Jaga - Stardust Hotel (Ninjatune)
Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life (Saddle Creek)
Masque - These Are Evil People (demo)
Luxury Car - Out Of Focus (Biphonic)
Her Space Holiday - Sleepy California (SFA remix) (Wichita)
Amplifico - All Your Sins ()
Colditz - The Galaxy (Psychiatric)

British Sea Power - It Ended On An Oily Stage (Rough Trade)
Bjork - Triumph Of A Heart (One Little Indian)
Lucky Luke - Bury My Heart at Devil Village (invada)
fao jesus - pour vous reveiller a moi?
Nick Cave - Get Ready For Love (Mute)
M83 - Don’t Save Us From The Flames (Gooom)
Viva Stereo - Oriental (Fence)
I Am Kloot - No Direction Home (Echo)
Phrizzm - Your Mind (Benbecula)
Calamateur - What Is Love (Autoclave)
Odeon Beat Club - The Architect (Polyester)
Auterche - Fermium (Warp)
King Creosote - The Things, Things, Things (Fence)
Moby - Raining Again (Mute)
Magoo - t8 (MayGoZero)
International Pop Assassins - A Woman and Her Ghosts (Seminal)
Masque - Hate and Violence [There’s Not Enough]
Like A Stuntman - Homerun (Highpointlowlife)
Her Space Holiday - Girl Problem (Stereolab remix) (Wichita)
theoceanfloor - Spill ()
Synonym - Women and Children First (7DD)
Owen McAulay - (Sans Culottes)

22/2 - repeat

Mylo - In My Arms (Breastfed)
Bright Eyes -First Day Of My Life (Saddle Creek)
Satellite Dub - Cick To Enter (SDUB)
Moving Units - Between Us and Them (Palm)
Camera Obscura - I Love My Jean (Elefant)
Jaga - Stardust Motel (Ninja Tune)
Econoline - Go Team (Seriously Groovy)
Her Space Holiday - Tech Romance (Matmos remix) (Wichta)
Empire Builder - How The Mighty Have Stagnated (Gringo)
Viva Stereo - Oriental (Fence)
Masque - Frankendoctor (Topplers)
Pinkie Maclure and John Wills - The Bending Wood (Trefingle)
Smog - The Well (Domino)
Trail of Dead - The Rest Will Follow (Interscope)
Optimo - Herbie Hancock / Sweet Exorcist / Damien Donato / Throbbing Gristle (Eskimo)
The Residents - Mr Bee’s Bumble (Ralph)
M83 - Don’t Save Us From The Flames (Gooom)
Morcheeba - Wonders Never Cease (Echo)
Lucky Luke - The Water’s Edge (Invada)
Last Harbour - Corrosives (Steel version (Tonguemaster)