June 2005

Hookers Green No 1 - Love Ballad of the Cold Robot (Snowstorm)
Luxury Car - Miracle Year (Biphonic)
ProForma - Lapses in Diction (New!)
Juno - Wonderful (demo)
James Yorkston - Surf Song (Domino)
Githead - Cosmology For Beginners (Swim)
M83 - Teen Angst (Gooom)
I Am Kloot - Eternal Optimist (Echo)
Boris Yeltsin Love XI - Mental (Half Loaf)
Damaged Goodz - Eternal Optimist (Powercut)
Sunnyvale Noise Subelement - Techno Self-Harm (Field)
Lawerence - Swap (Novamute)
Otterley - Dear Creature ()
Why? - 500 Fingernails (Anticon)
Four Tet - Clouding (Domino)
Stephen Malkmus - It Kills (Domino)
Minotaur Shock - She’s In Dry Dock Now (4AD)
Nudge - Contact (Anticon)
Orange Juice - Holiday Hymn (Domino)

Flying Matchstick Men - All Yr. Secrets (demo)
Fischerspooner - The 15th (Ministry of Sound)
Githead - Antiphon (Swim)
Jeremy Warmsley - I Believe In The Way You Move (Exercise 1)
Calamateur - Won’t Last Forever (session)
The Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (Subpop)
Pavement - A Date WIth IKEA (Matador)
Mighty Six Ninety - Leave This World (City Rockers)
Belle and Sebastian - Jonathan David (Jeepster)
Four Tet - Joy (4AD)
Calamateur - Half Truth (session)
Husky Rescue - City Lights (Cat Kills)
Nudge - Classic Mode (Kranky)
Juno - Wonderful (Equaliser)
Zuba - Allez Allez (Zuba)
Dj Format - Separated at Birth (PIAS)
Calamateur - Here Beside (Fried Fernando Mix) (session)
Odawas - The Golden Fog (Jagjaguwar)
MC Solaar - La Vie Est Belle (eastwest)
Calamateur - Desperate Days (session)
David Jack - Iron Out San Francisco (KFM)

Clor - Good Stuff (Regal)
Pro Forma - You Say Repeat (New!)
Githead - Alpha (Swim)
Nasty P - l.i.f.e (KFM)
M83 - Teen Angst (Gooom)
Blend Crafters - Melody remix (PIAS)
Otterley - Apparition Hill ()
Stereolab - Wow And Flutter (Too Pure)
65 Days of Static - Hole (Monotreme)
Roy Moller - First You Fall In Love (Pickled Egg)
Twisterbait - Let's Go Shopping (demo)
Mew - Apocalypso (Evil Office)
David Jack - Dying In A Fragrant Home (KFM)
Elements of the 70s - untitled 1 (demo)
The Hacker - Radiation (PIAS)
Thee More Shallows - 2AM (Monotreme)
James Yorkston - Surf Song (Domino)
Dopekick - Vanity Garden (Perception)
Reograd - Radio Reograd (demo)
Minotaur Shock - Six Foolish Fishermen (4AD)
Portion Control - Raise The Pulse (Illumimated)

Clor - Outlines (Regal)
ProForma - Lapses in Diction (New!)
Nasty P - Liars (KFM)
The Library Trust - A Shove in the Mouth (Static Caravan)
M83 - Teen Angst (Gooom)
Otterley - Tweeks ()
Stuart A Staples - t2 (Beggars)
Githead - Wallpaper (Swim)
Club 8 - When Lights Go Out (STK)
Stuart A Staples - t2 (Beggars)
Wild Strawberry - Faster (Luna)
Minotaur Shock - Somebody Once Told Me It Existed But They Never Found It (4AD)
Satellite Dub - Magnolia Lane (Sdub)
Kicker - Since You Left (Fortuna Pop)
Peter Ulrich - The Witchbottle of Suffolk (City Canyons)
Autolux - Sugarless ()
Luxury Car - Out Of Focus (Biphonic)
David Jack - Mezzotint (KFM)
Windsor For The Derby - Empathy For People Unknown (Secretly Canadian)