July 2005

Goldfrapp - Ooh La La (Mute)
Windsor For The Derby - Empathy For People Unknown (Secretly Canadian)
Satellite Dub - Hardware Software Nowhere (Sdub)
David Jack - Chequered Research (KFM)
My Favourite - The Happiest Days of My Life (Hungry Audio)
Pro Forma - Lapses in Diction (New!)
William Campbell / Kevin MacNeil - Local Man Ruins Everything (Fantastic Plastic)
The Amino People - Humdinger (Fence)
Nasty P - When the Smoke Clears (KFM)
Captain Polaroid - Your Mistake Is Thinking You Have Won
Clor - Outlines ()
King Creosote - Favourite Girl (Names/679)
The Library Trust - (Static Caravan)
M80 - Teen Angst (Gooom)
Stuart A. Staples - t8 (Beggars)
Stereo Test Kit - the Beauty of The Way We’re Living (Club8)
Githead - Cosmology For Beginners ()
Her Space Holiday - Something To Do With My Hands (Arab Strap remix)
Camera Obscura - Songs Written for Girls ()
Butterflies of Love - Two Lovers (Fortuna Pop)
Minotaur Shock - (4AD)

Minotaur Shock - Vigo Bay (4AD)
Clor - Outlines (Regal)
Thee More Shallows - Freshman (Monotreme)
Stuart A Staples - t2 (Lucky Dog)
Amino People - More Garage, More Underground (Fence)
Mylo - Doctor Pressure (Breastfed)
M83 - Flames (Gooom)
Frog Pocket - Vaedre (Planet µ)
Moby - Dream About Me (Mute)
Sans Trauma - Give In To Win (demo)
Windsor For The Derby - Empathy for People Unknown (Secretly Canadian)
The Zephyrs - Dancing Shoes (Acuarela)
Pro Forma - Lapses in Diction
Nasty P - l.i.f.e (KFM)
Julia 13 - While We Are Sleeping (demo)
Mouse Eat Mouse - Toum Tattie (Viva Genius white label)
Mark Gardener - Snow In Mexico (Planting Seeds)
Autolux - Turnstile Blues (Full Time Hobby)
The Library Trust - Beyond Blue (Static Caravan)
Githead - Option Paralysis (Swim)

Can - I Want More (Mute)
Laibach - Brunderschaft (Mute)
Stuart A. Staples - t4 (Lucky Dog)
Peter Ulrich - Nothing But The Way (Music & Words)
Broadcast - America’s Boy (Warp)
Amino People - It Doesn’t Matter (Fence)
David Jack - Oil On Sunday Morning (KFM)
The Shortwave Set - Slingshot (Independiente)
King Creosote - Jumping At The Cats (Names)
Hystereo - Validity Revision (Soma)
Electrum - Interference (Unpopular)
Clor - Outlines (Regal)
Sans Trauma - Stare At The Floor (demo)
Thee More Shallows - Freshman (Monotreme)
Misty’s Big Adventure - The Black Hole (SL)
Pro Forma - You Say, Repeat (Neu!)
The Library Trust - A Shove In The Mouth (Static Caravan)
Nasty P - Ugly Britain (KFM)
Bonnie / Sweeney - I Gave You (Domino)
Moby - Dream, About Me (Shortwave Set remix) (Mute)