December 2003

Ives - Magnetic
Iron and Wine - Beneath The Balcony
Michael Franti - Everyone Deserves Music
Snap Ant - Saviour Piece
Hoboken - Vainglorious
Satellite Dub - Power Off Einstein
Belles in Monica - That All U Got
Roger - Tears For The Journey
Maher Shalal Hash Baz - What’s Your Business Here Elijah?
Flying Matchstick Men - John Wayne
Carbon Based Lifeform - Gliche
Ordinaryson - Numbers
Giardini di Miro - Once Again A Fond Farewell
James Hardway - Ocean Wide
Black Sun Machine - Meldy
Umek - Tektol
Laika - King Sleepy
Swimmer One - Come On Let’s Go
Dreams of Tall Buildings - Home an Afterthought
Williams - Love Crisis

Dondolo - Peng
Thee Moths - ASGG Part 4
Swimmer One - Come On Let’s Go
Satellite Dub - Jesusfreakpart1
Michael Franti - Everyone Deserves Music
Ritterskamp - The Wall
War Against Sleep - Again Love Smashes up My Mind
Rosenbaum - Krunt
The Magnificents - Blueprint
The Magnificents - Kids Now
The Boy Least Likely To - Be Gentle With Me
Marc Almond - So Long The Path (So Wide The Field)
Roger - Tears For The Journey
Fuck - How To Say
Bodixa - Sapphire
Ships A Going Down - Love American Style
The Great Depression - Danger at Make-out Pass
James Hardway - Time To Go
Isobel - This Land Flows With Milk
Tigerstyle feat. Bikram Singh - Nancha
David Jack - Strategic Applications

Flying Matchstick Men - John Wayne
Hookers Green No 1 - Love Ballad of the Cold Robot
Voodoo Child - Take It Home
Yuppie Flu - Food For The Ants
The Chymes - Exit Wound
Atomic Soul Experiences - Missing
Aphrodisiacs - Tomorrow People
An Pierle - Sorry
Ritterskamp - Shapeshifters
Magnificents - Last Gasp of Revenge
Carbon Based lifeform - Gliche
Steven Merrit - All I Want to Know
Puerto Muerto - Stars
Future Pilot AKA - Mein Nahi Jana
Roger - Helsinki Blondes
War Against Sleep - Again Love Smashes up My Mind
McSleazy - Missy vs the Strokes
The Great Depression - Sargosso Sea
Ordinary Son - Blame
Fonda 500 - Like a Welcome From A Friendly Cassette
Fonda 500 - All the Songbirds Love You
Changeling - Air Raid

23/12/03 - Xmas special
Low - Just Like Christmas
Lou Reed - Christmas In February
Paul Haig - Christiania
Weezer - Alone For Xmas
Flaming Lips - Christmas at the Zoo
Teenage Fanclub - Christmas Eve
Eels -
Curtis Blow - Xmas Wrapping
Durutti Column - One Christmas for Your Thoughts
Half Man Half Biscuit - It’s Cliched to Be Cynical at Xmas
James Brown - Santa Go Straight to the Ghetto
Grandaddy - Alan Prsons in a Winter Wonderland
Tom Waits - Xmas Card from a Hooker in Minnieapolis
Darlene - Baby Please Come Home
St Etienne - A Prayer
John Lee Hooker - Blues for Christmas
Cabaret Voltaire - Invocation
XTC - Thanks For Christmas
Galaxie 50 - Listen, The Snow is Falling
Arab Strap - Baby Please Come Home
Ramones - Merry Xmas
Low - Little Drummer Boy

30/12/03 - best of 2003
Ives - Magnetic
Flying Matchstick Men - John Wayne
Swimmer One - We Just Make Music...
Lucky Pierre - The Heart of All That Is
Fiel Garvie - Got a Reason
t.raumschiere - Monster Truck Driver
Kobra Audio Labs - Incoming
Calmateur - Hey Baby
Echoboy - Automatic Eyes
Frog Pocket - The Stare
David Gahan - Dirty Sticky Floors
Calvin - Hatcheck Girl
Belles in Monica - Smoke Filled Rooms
Lumen - Weird Light
Jarvis/Pastels - I Picked a Flower
Electroluvs - Back on the Small Screen
Michael Franti - Rock The Nation
Satellite Dub - Juxtapose
Boxstep - French Architecture
Hookers Green #1 - Love Ballad For the Cold Robot
Thee Moths - A Small Glass Ghost part 4