August 2005

Can - Moonshake (Mute)
William Campbell / Kevin MacNeil - Local Man Ruins Everything (Fantastic Plastic)
T.Raumschmiere - Blitzkreig Pop ()
Thee More Shallows - Freshman Thesis (Monotreme)
Misty’s Big Adventure - Evil (SL)
Nasty P - t14 (KFM)
El Presidente - WItout You (Salon Boris remix) (One)
Viva Stereo versus Silicon Soul - The Poisoner’s Diary (Soma)
Text Adventure - Delfino Plaza (Skylab Operations)
Robokop Krauss - After Laughter Comes Tears ()
Sans Trauma - Water on Sand (demo)
Freakwater - Right People ()
Bozilla - This Is Not New Sound (EOTMC)
Sons and Daughters - Taste The Last Girl (Domino)
Clor - Outlines ()
The Posies - t1 ()
Espers - Flowery Noontide ()
Josephine - My Name Is Red (Bracken)
Githead -Option Paralysis (Swim)
Can - La Luna (Mute)

Can - Hunters & Collectors (Spoon)
Moby - Dream About Me (Mute)
Neutral Milk Hotel - In An Airplane Over The Sea (Domino)
Persil - Mum (Transformed Dreams)
Electrum - It Was Summer (I Wish I Was Unpopular)
Can - Doko E (Spoon)
Text Adventure - Let’s Us Get Wrong Tonight ()
Luxury Car - The Miracle Year (Biphonic)
Windsor Foor The Derby - Empathy For People Unknown (Secretly Canadian)
Frog pocket - Carac Cyls (Planet Mu)
Multiplies - Skeletor (Hatch)
Can - Dissy Dizzy (Spoon)
Otterley - Sferics ()
Misty’s Big Adventure - The Black Hole (SL)
Sans Trauma - Give In To Win (demo)
Motormark - God Only Knows (Digital Hardcore)
The Postal Service - The District Sleeps Tonight (Subpop)
Can - Dizzy Dizzy (Spoon)

Yo La Tengo - Stockholm Syndrome (Matador)
Frog pocket - Odre (Planet Mu)
Multiplies - Waqlk To Yourdself (Hatch)
Electrum - Interference (I Wish I Was UNpopular)
Scenic - Moonliner (Test Tone)
Windsor For The Derby - Empathy For People Unknown (Secretly Canadian)
Fonda - I Can Still Hear Our Song (Panting Seeds)
Ironweed - Down To My Grave (Fat Northener)
King of Sorrow - Go Get’Em George (Quiet)
Eugene Kelly - I’m Done With Drugs (Revola)
Text Adventure - Add Your own crackles (Skylab)
Eugene Kelly - I’ll Be Yours (Revola)
DJ Scotch Egg - Scotch Chicken (ADAADAT)
Things In Herds - t1 (Fence)
Buzzcocks - Sitting At Home ? (UA)
Can - Bell Air (Spoon)
Clor - Ourtines (Regal)
The Court and Spark - t1 ()
Twisterbait - Let’s Go Shopping (demo)
Alabama 3 - How Can I Protect You ()
Neutral Milk Hotel - Two-Haded Boy (Domino)
Broadcast - Black Cat (Warp)
Space Siren - Lullaby (Tranformed Dreams)
Zephyrs - t1 (Acruaela)

Multiplies - Skeletor (Hatch)
Robocop Krauss - Shout (Novamute?)
Things in Herds - As You Leave (Fence)
Autolux - Angry Candy
Ironweed - Down To My Grave (Fat Northener)
Text Adenture - Nothing Ever Happens (Skylab)
Misty’s Big Adventre - Elevator Escalator Stairs (SL)
Space Siren - Verschwende Deine Jugend (Transformed Dreams)
BIg star - Dony ()
Daniel patrick Quinn - northern (Suliven)
Saint Jude’s Informary - Montreal (demo)
This is a Process of a Still Life - Line (Firefly Sessions)
Alabama 3 - how Can i Protect You ()
Arizona Amp and Alternator - Where the Wind Turns theThe Skin to leather (Thrill Jockey)
DJ Scotch Egg - Acid Boy 2 (ADAADAT)
Can - TV Spot (Spoon)
Masque - Frankendoctor (Toppler)
Flying Matchstick Men - All r Secrets ()
Puerto Muerto - Muerto County (Fire)
Sonic Youth - Tuic (Geffen)

Half Cousin - Country Cassette (Gronland)
Puerto Muerto - Muerto Country (Fire)
Young Gods - L’eau Rouhe (PIAS)
Deaf Mutes - That Day (Fence)
Autolux - Robots in the Garden ()
Simon Heartfield - Kessler ()
Ironweed - Down To My Grave ()
theonwhoflew - The Truth About Cats & Dogs (Wicker)
Stereolab - Kinetica (Too Pure/Duophonic)
Devendra Barnhart - Sometimes I Feel Like a Child ()
The Carnival - The Mexican
Telemachus - Shoeshop ()
Broadcast -America’s Boy (Warp)
Espers - Meadow (Wichita)
Motormark - Chrome Tape (Digital Hardcore)
Misty’s - Microwave (SL)
Silver Jews - Punks in the Beerlight ()
Music and Movement - City Traens (Newtown)
The Court and Spark - Witch Season ()
Satellits Dub - Hardware Software Nowhere (Sdub)