April 2005

Satellite Dub - Magnolia Lane (SD)
Luxury Car- Heart of the Matter (Biphonic)
Magoo - Robot (MayGoZero)
Lucky Luke - To Know is To Love (Invada)
Persil - Happy (Transformed Dreams)
Last Harbour - Corrosives (TongueMaster)
I Am Kloot - Over My Shoulder (Echo)
Salon Boris - Bride of Boris (Udiscs)
The Residents - Inner Space (Ralph)
Sons and Daughters - Dance Me In (Domino)
aMute - (Intr-version)
Optimo - Vaporspace / Hawkwind / Silver Apples / Delia Gonzales & Gavin Rousson (Eskimo)
King Creosote - Klutz (Fence)
Bombay 1 - Yesterday (Gronland)
The Residents - Two Lips (Ralph)
Tears In X-Ray Eyes - Electricity (Shifty Disco)
Smog - Drinking At The Dam (Domino)
65 Days of Static - Retreat! Retreat! (Monotreme)
Moby - Very (Mute?)
Calamateur - Akatombo (Red Butterfly) (Autoclave)
Fog - We Are Winning (Lex)
Her Space Holiday - Japanese Gum (Dntel remix) (Wiiija)

Persil - Happy (Transformed Dreams)
Luxury Car - Heart of the Matter (Biphonic)
Datapanik - Cubis ()
The Ghosts - Birdman (Northern Cowboy)
Satellite Dub - Magnolia Lane (Satdub)
Maximo Park - Graffiti (Warp)
Chris da Funk - Soul Trader (CDF)
Elements of the 70s - untitled (demo)
Clor - Love And Pain (Regal)
65 days of Static - Hole (Moonotreme)
fao jesus - Split Me in Two (fao)
Giant Haystacks - They Got What They Wanted (Mistake)
Mountain Goats - (4AD)
Masque - Sometimes I Might (Topplers)
Pinkie Maclure & John Wills - (Trefingle)
Salon Boris - Bride of Boris (Udiscs)
Owen MacAulay - Sky Above, Ground Below (sans culottes)
War Against Sleep - Changing of the Seasons (Fire)
Data Panik - Sense Not Sense ()
Christ - Fragile X (Benbecula)
Like a Stuntman - Park the Trailer In the Park (HighPoint LowLife)
Thee Moths - Tha Mi Sgith (PetPiranha.com)
Giant Haystacks - He’s Late For Work (Mistake)
Unkle Bob - A Hard Teeth Pi (Colditz remix) (Friendly Sounds)
Unkle Fritz - Insects (Pet Piranha)
Christ - Marsh of Epidemics (Benbecula)

Salon Boris - Bride of Boris (Udiscs)
Maximo Park -Graffiti (Warp)
Colditz - t1 (Psychiatric)
Satellite Dub - Trying To Stop A Tank With Your Hands (Sdub)
Thee More Shallows - 2AM (Monotreme)
Pinkie Maclure & John Wills - Cats Cradle (Trefingle)
Luxury Car - In The Event (Biphonic)
Owen Macaulay - Refuge (Sans Culottes)
Persil - Tune Up (Transformed Dreams)
The Chemistry Experiment - Starlite Ballroom (Fortuna Pop)
65 Days of Static - The Fall of Math (Monotreme)
Looper - Mondo 77 (Jeepster)
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti - Artifact (Paw Tracks)
Datapanik - Cubis ()
Clor - Love and Pain (Regal)
The Ghosts - The Ghosts Live (Northern Cowboy)
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Mute)
Christ - Marsh of Epidemics (Benbecula)

Moby - Spiders (Mute)
Luxury Car - Out of Focus (biphonic)
Electralane - Two For Joy (Toopure)
PInkie Macure & John Wills - Cats Cradle (Trefingle)
Tantrum - White (Floppy)
The 55s - Humdinger (SL)
Salon Boris - Everyone’s Talking About Retro (Udiscs)
Masque - Frankendoctor (Topplers)
The Chemistry Experiment - Time (Fortuna Pop)
Persil - Happy (Transformed Dreams)
Christ - Marsh of Epidemics (Benbecula)
Briish Sea Power - Please Stand Up (Rough Trade)
Minotaur Shock - Vigo Bay (4AD)
Alto 45 - The Plan (Happy Capitalist)
Econoline - Go Team (Seriously Groovy)
David Jack - Chequered Research (KFM)
Tuk - ()
Hookers Green #1 - Love Ballad for the Cold Robot (Snowstorm)
Marmaduke Duke - The Kill and The Cure (Captains of)
Satellite Dub - Magnolia Lane (SDub)